2024 5th International Conference on Applied Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering (ICAMME 2024)



In view of the outbreak of the epidemic in many neighboring cities of Xi'an and the status of medium-high risk areas, in order to actively respond to the normal epidemic prevention and control, the organizing committee has unanimously decided to change the ICAMME2022 to be held online, and the conference time is 14:00-17:00 on September 23, 2022! The conference invited experts and scholars in related fields to make wonderful speeches.

Keynote Speeches

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Li Guo, Hunan University

Speech Title: Research on acoustic emission intelligent monitoring in grinding engineering ceramics

Abstract: Acoustic emission (AE) signal analysis by use of short time Fourier transform is used to monitor the grinding heat by ues of laser. The relationship between the acoustic emission signal of high speed grinding of engineering ceramics and grinding force, grinding temperature are studied. High precision AE monitoring of diamond grinding wheel wear in engineering ceramics grinding were carried out. The variance of wavelet decomposition coefficient of AE signal in alumina grinding is used as the input feature of support vector machine. The empirical mode decomposition (EMD) of grinding AE signal is used to extract the effective value, variance and energy coefficient of its intrinsic mode function as the input features of least squares support vector machine. The optimized BP neural network is used to monitor the grinding surface roughness with high precision by use of AE. The research solved the problem of acoustic emission monitoring in engineering ceramics grinding!

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Bing Li, Northwestern Polytechnical University

Speech Title: Design and applications of elastic meta-structures

Abstract: Vibration and elastic-wave manipulations at sub-wavelength scale have been realized by using elastic metamaterials. However, most of the existing metamaterial designs are still suffering from fundamental limitations including large volume, narrow operating bandwidth and unadjustable functionalities. How to realize efficient elastic-wave and vibration control in a compact-footprint, broadband and tunable strategy has been a challenge. In this report, a series of elastic meta-structures (metamaterials and metasurfaces) are introduced for broadband vibration-suppression and extraordinary wavefront manipulation. Specifically, a double zero-index metamaterial is proposed to achieve two separated elastic-wave Dirac-like cones at the Brillouin zone center, which is further applied for wave-front shaping and perfect tunnelling. Furthermore, requiring neither active control nor nonlinear effect, a couple of diatomic metamaterials and ultrathin lossless metasurface are designed for highly efficient asymmetric-transmission within a wide frequency range. Also, combining the shape memory effect and programmable design, a 4D printed metamaterial concept is further proposed for self-adaptive bandgap shift and programmable waveguide channels. The efficient, robust and broadband capabilities of tailoring vibration and elastic-wave in compact and lightweight meta-structures are systematically verified by theoretical analysis, numerical simulation and experimental measurements. The proposed designs pave feasible ways for noise and vibration control in elastodynamics.

Keynote Speaker: Prof. Yang Xiao, Southwest Petroleum University

Speech Title: New technologies for product research and development and manufacturing in the digital transformation of manufacturing industry

Abstract: Manufacturing industry is an important pillar for maintaining national competitiveness and sustainable and stable economic development. With the development of science and technology and the challenges of market competition, manufacturing transformation and upgrading is the key for enterprises to seize the high end of the value chain and maintain global competitiveness. A new wave of technology led by the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence is sweeping the entire manufacturing industry. The deep integration of these emerging information technologies and industrial technologies has led to a series of new technologies and models suitable for manufacturing enterprises, such as industrial Internet, digital twinning, intelligent manufacturing and intelligent factories. As an important factor of production, digital resources promote the digital transformation of manufacturing enterprises in technology, products and business models. Therefore, this paper hopes to introduce the connotation, current situation, application status and future development trend of digital transformation of manufacturing enterprises by summarizing the relevant aspects of enterprise digital transformation. First of all, it discusses the historical development and rich connotation of digitalization of manufacturing enterprises. Secondly, the new technologies and applications in product research and development and product manufacturing in the digital transformation of enterprises are introduced. Finally, the actual cases and future development direction of these new technologies in enterprises are discussed, with a view to providing reference for the digital transformation application and research of future enterprises.

Oral Presentations

Zhen Ma, Southeast University

Speech Title: Static Performance Analysis ofRetractable Roof Based on Miura Origami and Shear Hinge

Weitao Li, Southeast University

Speech Title: Research on Mechanical Properties of Macro Fiber Reinforced Concrete

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